Why I believe this forum was needed...

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Why I believe this forum was needed...

Post by SteveF on Tue Aug 01, 2017 10:10 pm

After moving to Mexico in August 2015, my wife and I noticed numerous issues.  We were having to go back and forth among numerous websites to find information that applied to what we wanted to do.  Sometimes the websites contradicted one another or had incomplete information.  It was quite frustrating and time consuming.  Over time, we have found that there are good sources of information but not located in a single location.  With this and other issues, we have decided to start this web forum. 

This website will not be making us any money.  We are already aware of that fact.  That is not the point.  Our point is to help people find what they are looking for in a single site or as close to as much as needed as we can possibly get.  In the future, we may put up a "donations" page to help us pay for web hosting, etc.  We are not there as of yet however. 

Feel free to send us messages directly in regards to topics you wish to see created, content added or any other thing you wish to discuss with us.  We know we are not perfect and that this site will be a lot different in the future.  We thank you for any and all contributions you may make.

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